Meola Law Firm


Garage & Tow Yards

When garages and tow yards try to take advantage of financial companies by charging improper or excessive fees, we have an effective and cost-efficient process for recovering these vehicles.

Law Enforcement Seizures

In 2021, we recovered over 320 vehicles in New York City, Nassau and Suffolk and other counties in New York state. Because the New York City Police Department (NYPD) and other law enforcement agencies seize thousands of vehicles annually, it is vital that automotive finance companies have a streamlined process for recovering these vehicles.

Title Problems & Corrections

Lienholders and leasing companies can lose a lot of money when title problems go uncorrected. We have the specific knowledge needed to help.

Federal Litigation

We have provided the legal strategy and guidance for over 20 federal lawsuits against municipalities designed to force them to enact new practices that give automotive finance companies fair notice and the opportunity to recover their vehicles.

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