Law Enforcement Seizures

“Recovering vehicles from the NYPD is not difficult for us because we know the process inside and out. We constantly work to improve that process so that our clients recover vehicles even faster.” Wendy Meola

In 2021, we recovered over 320 vehicles in New York City, Nassau and Suffolk and other counties in New York state. Because the New York City Police Department (NYPD) and other law enforcement agencies seize thousands of vehicles annually, it is vital that automotive finance companies have a streamlined process for recovering these vehicles.

Recovering impounded vehicles quickly and inexpensively

New York City Impounds

  • Obtain proper title for vehicle release
  • Freeze police auction of a vehicle
  • Expedite District Attorney Release
  • Obtain proceeds after police auction
  • Protect lienholder/lessors in NYPD forfeiture lawsuits
  • Legal advice on all NYPD seizure situations
  • Recover vehicles seized for unpaid parking tickets

Defending Forfeiture Lawsuits Brought by Counties

  • Suffolk, Nassau DUI forfeiture cases
  • Prevent forfeiture and recover the vehicle

Federal Agency and U.S. Attorney Cases

  • Defend lienholder/lessor rights
  • Strategize on CAFRA elections so that vehicles are released faster

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