Impounds & Seizures

Impounds & Seizures

Recovering impounded vehicles quickly and inexpensively

New York City Impounds

  • Obtain proper title for vehicle release
  • Freeze police auction of a vehicle
  • Expedite District Attorney Release
  • Obtain proceeds after police auction
  • Protect lienholder/lessors in NYPD forfeiture lawsuits
  • Legal advice on all NYPD seizure situations
  • Recover vehicles seized from parking ticket seizures

Defending Forfeiture Lawsuits Brought by Counties

  • Prevent forfeiture and recover the vehicle
  • Suffolk, Nassau and all NY counties
  • Negotiate proper hold harmless releases

Federal Agency and U.S. Attorney Cases

  • Defend lienholder/lessor rights
  • Negotiate proper hold harmless release

Challenging Excessive Garage/Tow Yard Claims

  • Legal advice on all NY laws governing towing, repair and storage lien
  • Tough negotiation to reduce charges
  • Litigation to stop lien sale and challenge all garage lien charges for compliance with NY law
  • Posting bond to obtain immediate release of a vehicle
  • Contempt proceedings against non-compliant garages